Doggobone produces raw food for companion animals from its facility in Cape Town. Our Food differentiates itself from other companies in the industry with strict adherence to grain and preservative free food. The meals have been developed to cater for your pet’s individual needs. All products are produced at our environmentally controlled  facility and flash frozen. One can never replace what “Mother Nature” has to offer, except providing a meal that closely mimics what dogs and cats were designed to eat in the wild.

The desire to feed a healthy appropriate meal for our own pets kick-started this journey of research and development under the watchful eye of a  renowned animal nutritionist from New Mexico in the U.S.A.

Doggobone Active Raw Food products are certified and registered under Act 36 of 1947. This is a legal requirement when producing food for animals commercially. We offer a wide variety of ready-made minced meals, whole-foods and treats.

We have a proven track record and can proudly say we are one of the dominant role players in the pet food industry in South Africa producing raw complete meals for companion animals.



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Doggobone Active Raw Food