Featured Traders

By Nature

By Nature offer an extensive range of premium quality natural and organic products – a variety of raw nuts, preservative-free dried fruit and certified organic dried goods. These products are sourced from local producers that follow ethical and sustainable principles. By Nature are incredibly innovative and constantly develop new product lines and delicious additions to their range. By Nature also have a range of organic grains and oats. Their almonds are the freshest you will find in the Western Cape and their dried pineapple is absolutely yummy! By Nature are at all of Earth Fair’s markets.

Constantia Cheesery;

Constantia Cheesery is an underground cellar in the heart of Constantia. Jane lovingly sources handcrafted farm cheeses from the small farm cheese producers. The cheeses are produced as organically as possible with no colourants, additives or preservatives. Their motto is to ‘bring the country into the town’! They are at the Tokai market every Wednesday and Saturday. Their range includes a delicious farm gouda, an award winning mature cheddar, a double cream gorgonzola (this one is ‘to die for’!), a nutty gruyere and a good range of goat’s milk cheeses and a highly recommended fresh farm butter. You can taste before you buy.

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