Metro Organics – fresh organic fruit, veg and herbs

We are very happy to announce that Metro Organics have joined the Earth Fair Market family every Saturday in Tokai. Metro Organics is situated on Sleepy Hollow Farm. This 2400m2 organic farm is run by the Clack family who are passionate about growing both the organic consciousness and organic veggies. They started the business in November 2016 with the intention of make a living doing what they love. They have a vision to grow the awareness, demand and supply of organic vegetables in the Southern Peninsula by networking with like-minded growers in neighbouring communities, by activating more local, unutilised open land/gardens for growing organic veg and thereby benefitting local communities.

The Clacks believe in creating a healthy community by encouraging people to work together and help each other. Eating consciously, and preferably as local as possible, are very important in today’s society.

The key to Organic farming is all in the soil. Nutritiously grown organic veg requires rich soil that is full of life and microbial activity. We strive to nurture the soil as much as possible, and to achieve this there are many different methods. Metro Organics uses a combination of Organic, Permaculture and Bio-dynamic principles and soil is farmed as much as the veg they grow.

They plan on holding regular hands-on courses to encourage a new generation of growers and farmers to start their own ventures and thereby work towards food security as a whole. The idea being to educate and demystify Urban Farming as market gardening holds and will play an ever increasingly important role in healthy sustainable food chains moving forward.

The Metro Organics fresh fruit and veg stand at the Earth Fair Market is primarily stocked with their own produce, grown in Noordhoek, and are now providing a large variety, where necessary sourced from like-minded organic farmers. Feel free to ask them where your produce is coming from!

The Metro Organics urban farm currently provides fresh produce to local restaurants, retail outlets and sells direct to individual local clients. As the business grows they hope to add more local employees to their current team of 6 full time staff members and seasonal workers.

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