Zero Waste Shopping

Some top tips to help you think out the box

We’re all getting more clued up and conscious of cutting down on unnecessary packaging and shopping bags but it’s actually really easy to take it a step further…

Shopping at markets as opposed to big chain stores is a very good first step and we have put together some other tips to help you along. We are also very happy to have one of the first Zero Waste Stores in the country right inside our Tokai market.

Top 5 tips for Zero Waste Shopping:

1) Baby steps…this is no time for perfectionism. It takes time to learn new habits so don’t beat yourself up if you forget the reusable shopping bags or the glass jars. Commit to making it a habit to put your shopping bags back in the car after you have unpacked them and if you do forget, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, but do take all your shopping home loose – the frustrating experience of unpacking it from the boot item by item may help this habit form quicker!
2) When you shop at markets be demanding. Speak up – tell a trader that you do not require a bag as you have brought your own. They are more than willing to hand it over as is and often put it in a bag out of habit. Bring all glass containers back to the traders once you have finished the contents and they can either fill it up for you again or they will discount you off your next purchase and reuse the glass jar. If you see traders using polystyrene and other non-environmentally friendly packaging – ask them about it. At Earth Fair Market traders are not allowed to use such packaging and so if you see it – speak up.
3) Bulk shop for grains using glass jars. These can be bought at Mambos and other stores or can be reused when you buy a jar of yoghurt etc. Bring your glass jars to the market and get them filled up with grains, sugar, cleaning products, oil and vinegar etc. Barry from the Zero Waste Store currently has over 30 items available for purchase at the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please click here for a link to their Facebook page
4) Buy a reusable coffee mug. If you are like the average city-dweller-on-the-go, you would have bought your fair share of coffee to keep you on your game. Many awesome coffee shops (such as Hazz and Seattle) are selling great cups to keep. It is worth the initial investment for peace of mind and you get 10% off all your purchases at some of these stores from then on.
5) Shop seasonally. This means that you can buy your fruit and veggies loose as they haven’t had to travel. They are fresher, taste better and have a lower carbon footprint. Visit Fresh or Live Organics at the market for great fruit and seasonal veggies.

We would love to hear any feedback you may have on Zero Waste Shopping – please feel free to leave us a comment below or to share any suggestions that you may have.

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4 Responses to Zero Waste Shopping

  1. Bev says:

    This would be amazing if it was everywhere. No packaging would be amazing.

  2. kerstin says:

    This is wonderful that it is being implemented! I have become a zero waste shopper and have got my family on board too. We are regular customers at the market because it offers many unpackaged goods! Keep it up!

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