The Big 3 at St. G! Thursday 27th Feb

It is difficult to put into words the special kind of magic that happens in the centre of our beautiful city on a daily basis. There is an energy and a magic that is tangible – I challenge you to take a walk through the Company Gardens and around the city centre to see if you can’t feel it… We, at Earth Fair Market are the luckiest bunch on earth to be able to call the little piece of paradise between Wale St and Church St our home every Thursday from 11am to 3pm.

St Georges hit the ground running 3 years ago and it has become such a firmly entrenched institution that we have been told that people arrange their diaries around it. There seems to be a common ‘no meetings’ policy around the time that the market is on every Thursday. It is very gratifying to stand and survey the joy on people’s faces as they reach the market and smell the aromas, greet their favourite traders, try new flavours or discover a new favourite cheese. We start getting desperate weekly Tuesday Tweets from people wishing it was Thursday already!

Our gratitude towards the City of Cape Town, the CCID and the St Georges Forum is huge. We have seen first-hand the levels of passion and professionalism that is behind the running of our beautiful city. From the CCID security and cleaners to the strategic minds who run the City – it is truly no accident that we are ‘World Class’. We are delighted to be a part of what makes the City memorable and special. We are also very grateful to Mandela Rhodes Place for welcoming us inside whenever it rains and for the use of amenities and support. Doppio Zero and the Taj thanks to you too!

Huge thanks of course to all the delightful traders that line the streets with their beautiful wares – come rain or shine or the dreaded howling gale… But most of all, thanks to all of you who welcomed us into your lives from day 1 and continue to give us so much fantastic support.

We will be celebrating this Thursday by adding a little bit of extra magic to the market. Please join us!

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