Portion 36 are taking olive oil to a new level.

Portion 36 Olive Orchard is a small boutique olive farm located in Devonvale, 7 km outside Stellenbosch.

They make small quantities of incredible olive oils and Kalamata table olives. The passionate husband and wife team love fresh and natural olive products, they pick their olives by hand and all products are made by them on the farm.

Last week they started the 2012 Olive Harvest and they have super fresh oil that they will be bringing to the market tomorrow for people to taste. It is very unique to be able to taste oil straight from the press. Ususally it is something only the olive farmers are able to do. This oil is very, very green as fresh oils are, it has a raw olive smell and the taste is fruity and fresh. Come and taste this Leccino oil that (just last Wednesday) was still olives growing on trees in Stellenbosch. They have filtered a small amount of Leccino oil which they will be selling at the market tomorrow.

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  1. I am looking for raw olive oil and which one of this is represented by your products. I would like to have at least 4 750ml every month on the 1st . How much will this be .
    I am in Johannesburg .

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