Join us Thursday (16th February) to celebrate our 1st Birthday @St Georges

Exactly a year ago we set up for the very first time at St Georges Mall. After 9 months of planning, preparation and getting the necessary permits we were ready to rock and roll. On the first trading day we uncounted gale force winds which resulted in a mild to medium panic… However, we managed to navigate this and the traders have now become experts at catching flying produce with one hand whilst not missing a beat in their banter with a customer. We are, quite literally, ‘blown away’ by the popularity and support that we have received! City workers and dwellers seemed to fall in love with us almost immediately and we are now firmly entrenched in many people’s weekly highlights.

In line with Earth Fair’s overall vision of changing the way people shop and supporting small local producers, we are thrilled about the growing number of shoppers at the market. Many who used to come for lunch and the buzz are now dedicated market grocery shoppers and this excites us a lot! It is wonderful to see the combination of tourists, judges, reporters, office and council workers and even some celebrities frequenting our market every week. We couldn’t ask for a better backdrop than the beautiful historical buildings of our city.

Another factor that makes the market so special is that in many ways it is a return to our roots. The Company Gardens originally provided fresh fruit and vegetables to passing ships and Greenmarket Square was somewhere where farmers could sell their produce. That’s why upper St George’s Mall in the historic heart of Cape Town is the ideal location. We are very proud and grateful to be included in our beautiful city centre in such a way.

We have many people to thank for getting us to where we are, including the Cape Town Partnership/ City Centre Improvement District, Cape Town Tourism and the Upper St Georges’ Mall Forum comprising a number of city centre companies, including urban developers Eurocape and the Taj Cape Town. The Forum’s objective is to promote the Cape Town CBD as one to rival that of other popular city centre experiences around the world.

A special thanks also to Aoife Macken, Andrew Currell, Danny Diliberto and of course all the talented and dedicated traders.

Rain or shine we are at St Georges Mall every Thursday from 11-4pm. (When it rains we move inside the Mandela Rhodes Place.) Join us this Thursday to enjoy the sound of the Marimba Band and to celebrate with us!


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2 Responses to Join us Thursday (16th February) to celebrate our 1st Birthday @St Georges

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi there

    I would like to enquire whether you have any stores available as I would be interested in selling an up-market range of mustards, mayo’s and marinades.

    If so, could you kindly let me know what you charge, whether goods for sale must be striclty organic and on what days you trade.


    • jacqui says:

      Hi Rebecca, sorry for the delay. Could you send an email application through our website. Your products sound great. Could you put as much information as possible in the application?
      Many thanks

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