Good ‘ol fashioned Hippie LOVE!

love hippiesMove over Valentines Day, we are celebrating FREE LOVE day this Saturday at the market.

We have swopped the roses for the daisies and the commercialism for good ‘ol fashioned hippie values of self love and expression. Join us for live music, a love hamper giveaway, free hugs and to support our earth lovin ethical traders!

Whether you are a hippie or not, the guiding principles are so cool and in line with many philosophies to make the world a better place…. We found some of these on

  • Be open-minded and liberal
  • Listen to hippie music
  • Be organic
  • Don’t pollute
  • Wear colorful clothing
  • Protest against violence, weapons, racism, unfair laws and minority discrimination
  • Grow your hair and be natural
  • Learn a martial art such as tai chi, but remember you are doing it because of the eastern philosophy behind it, it is not to be exploited for harming others
  • Just be yourself! Have any religion and believe in anything you wish. There’s no ground rules or regulations on being a hippie that you must follow.
  • Becoming a hippie does not restrict you to the steps above. It is a general guide on how hippies were in the past generations. You may stretch and experiment with your own style(s), for example, wearing earrings, lip gloss, and creating your own food diet.
  • Try to make peace in any arguments. Be the mediator for issues and see if you can help people by listening and giving advice.
  • Just because past generations of hippies have smoked marijuana doesn’t mean you have to; while it may cause short term memory loss, it is also illegal in most countries and could possibly send you to a state prison.

Join us this Saturday at Tokai for lots of loving fun!

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